HOPE Initiative

Bringing HOPE to the World

HOPE is Helping Other People because Everyone deserves to feel better

Are you needing a little HOPE in your world today?

So much change has happened in a very short time.  With floods, fires, drought and now a global health crisis, for many these have been very challenging times.  Usually, we would have the tools to know what to do, how to handle the situation and move forward.  However, with so much change and uncertainty, we have noticed many struggling.  If you have been ‘caught out’, struggling to cope, or make sense of the whole situation, then you are not alone.

We created the HOPE Initiative as a framework, to help individuals identify and address the impact of uncertainty, change or crisis.  As a self-evaluation and self-awareness tool, the HOPE Initiative addresses six main elements to support mental health and wellbeing.

Our HOPE is that by understanding how you feel in your current situation, you can start the process of feeling better, and find solutions to cope and help those around you.

How U Doin? Barometers – Test Yourself

Feel like you’re struggling but not sure why?  Then the How U Doin? Barometers could help you.  Each barometer is aligned to an Element above, helping you to self evaluate how you are functioning in terms of that Element.

We know that each Element may bring up a variety of responses for you, depending upon your situation.  If you can relate to any of these difficulties, then firstly, we thank you for acknowledging these changes in you. Secondly, we are here to let you know that you are not alone. These feelings and experiences can be a normal reaction to an abnormal event.

To learn more about reactions at each level on the rating scales, click on the DISCOVER MORE buttons above, and you will find videos that will provide examples of various feelings, behaviours and thoughts for each level of functioning (from the normal range to reduced, limited and impaired) on each Element.

Our Solution – Start Immediately

To help you on your journey we have created the HOPE Initiative Workbook.  By asking a few questions relevant to each Element, the HOPE Initiative will provide practical strategies that you can start implementing to adjust to certainty, cope, build confidence and move forward with your life.


Everyone deserves to feel better