Essential Care

In periods of change or crisis, our self-care can often be reduced to the last priority, when in fact it is one of our most valuable tools for coping. When we care for our own needs, we are better able to care for others.

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By acknowledging how you are functioning, there is now the real opportunity to make changes so you can regain your sense of control, build confidence and come out the other side.

Below you will find simple tips and hints to help you move from the RED Zone to the Green Zone (or stay in the Green Zone and expand your skills and strategies). We encourage you to download the HOPE initiative workbook and begin your journey of rediscovering yourself with the Essential Care section.

If you feel you need more support than what is provided in the HOPE Initiative workbook, please reach out to us here at Lilley Place.  Whatever difficulties you are struggling with, there is HOPE. Lilley Place’s HOPE Initiative can change lives. In fact, it can save lives.

If you need help today, please do speak to one of the team on 07 3378 9130 or email us [email protected]


Everyone deserves to feel better