As a psychology practice we have the responsibility and training to provide respect, support and relief for those in need


We understand the difficulty in accessing mental health care in the current climate, so we wanted to create a section of helpful resources. Below there are a number of resources that range from online courses, to self help tools and worksheets, to links that guide you to different mental health platforms. If you are needing urgent support please view our crisis contact information below on where you can get support 24/7. 

Crisis Contacts

Lilley Place is not a crisis service. You may find the following, free services, of assistance. 

  • Lifeline – 13 11 14
  • Beyond Blue – 1300 22 46 36
  • Kids Helpline – 1800 551 800
  • Men’s Line – 1300 78 99 78
  • Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team (CATT) – 1300 62 22 55

The CATT is a team of Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social workers and Nurses who provide assessment and support for people who are in crisis with mental health issues. Alternatively, present to Emergency at your closest hospital.

Self Help Resources and Digital Courses

My Compass is an online personalised self help program for people who have been feeling down, stressed, anxious or people who are just wanting to build a good mental health. Its core features include fourteen different interactive learning activities and a lifestyle tracking feature to help you better understand yourself and learn strategies to improve your mental health. Click here for more information. 

THIS WAY UP is a trusted Australian provider of evidence-based, internet-delivered Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (iCBT) programs. THIS WAY UP have free online tools and resources to help you cope better with COVID-19 and also have a range of online courses which focus on mental health, chronic conditions and wellbeing. These scientifically-supported courses are designed to help you tackle psychological difficulties in a way that is discreet, convenient and effective. Click here for the free online tools or here for the online programs. 

The Centre For Clinical Interventions is a website with self help resources for mental health problems. There is specific information, workbooks and modules relating to a variety of mental health problems which are freely accessible.  Click here for more information.

Mindspot is a digital mental health clinic that provides free assessment and treatment to adults experiencing anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD and chronic pain. Mindspot is a government funded non-for-profit mental health service with psychologists, Psychiatrists and Mental Health Nurses to support your needs. Click here for more information. 

e-couch is an online, self-directed training program which provides interactive self-help and evidence-based information to help users to understand and manage symptoms associated with common mental health issues. The program is like an interactive self-help book, which mean you can log back in to it at any time to learn more skills or to add to your workbooks. The e-couch Anxiety & Worry program is effective for people aged 18+ but can be suitable for 16- 17 year olds as well. For more information click here

The HOPE Initiative is a Lilley Place framework created to help individuals identify and address the impact of uncertainty, change and crisis. As a self-evaluation and self-awareness tool, The HOPE Initiative addresses six main elements to support mental health and wellbeing. At Lilley Place we are passionate about helping others feel better by providing accessible and helpful resources and information. For more information on The HOPE Initiative click here or visit our Facebook /lilleyplace or Instagram @lilleyplace for daily tips and strategies to help you feel better. 

Mental Wellbeing Websites and Services

Head to Health is a mental health website provided by The Australian Department of Health. You can find digital mental health services from some of Australia’s most trusted mental health organisations. Head to Health also brings together apps, online programs, online forums and phone services as well as a range of digital information resources. For more information click here. 

The QLD Government Mental Health and Wellbeing website is a useful page with links to different sites and helpful resources. You can find out where you need to start, what services to call when you need help, counselling and support groups and where you find more information on mental health. Click here for more information.

Flourish is an organisation that helps people feel supported and meet their everyday challenges through lived experience support. They want everyone to live ordinary, even extraordinary lives. Flourish have services to support NDIS clients as well as recovery-focused services to support people in improving their physical health and developing supportive social networks. For more information click here. 

Child And Youth Resources

The brave Program is a free online interactive program for the prevention and treatment of childhood and adolescent anxiety. The programs provide ways for children and youth to better cope with their worries through specifically designed resources and activities. The Brave Program also has resources and information for parents. To find out more information click here. 

BITE BACK is Black Dog Institute’s free, self-guided online wellbeing and resilience program from young people ages 13- 16 years old. BITE BACK uses a combination of fun, interactive activities, quizzes, animations and information across nine positive psychology domains. It also provides information about the benefits of increasing wellbeing, strategies to develop skills in each of the positive psychology domains and links to other relevant resources. For more information click here. 

The TeenStrong Course is an online self-paced course for teens and their parents to support them in learning practical strategies for managing worry and low mood. This course helps teens to build self-confidence when navigating common adolescent experiences and also offers modules for parents/carers to help them support their young person as they learn new skills. For more information click here.



Lilley Place is passionate about enhancing the functioning of the community.  As a team and service, we are always looking to learn, develop and give back. Lilley Place supports a number of charities and initiatives and the team regularly participates in charity and community events. 

Nutrition Skills Package

Nutrition Skills Package

Appointments available now

The Nutrition Skills Package is an 8 week 1-1 evidence-based program, facilitated by our Accredited Practising Dietitians. All package sessions will be held at Lilley Place and are for people aged 16 and above. It is individually tailored with small achievable steps to keep things simple and manageable so you are able to create sustainable food habits for long term success. You will learn how to nourish and fuel your body for your own unique needs, shop smart, boost your mood through food and build a positive relationship with food.

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Kitchen Consultation Package

Kitchen Consultation Package

Appointments available now

The Kitchen Consultation Package is a 4 week 1-1 evidence-based program, facilitated by our Accredited Practising Dietitians. 2 sessions will be held at Lilley Place and the other 2 will be held in your kitchen. This package has a total of 6 contact hours and is open to people aged 13 years and above. The Kitchen Consultation Package translates nutrition information into practical hands-on cooking experiences. It is individually tailored to suit your unique needs so that you are able to understand the fundamentals of nutrition and how to create and make a series of recipes that will help you build a long term healthy lifestyle.

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Cognitive Reset Course

Cognitive Reset Course

5 Saturdays Across April & May

In response to people experiencing increased stress, and feeling scattered and overwhelmed, we have created a 5-week cognitive reset course. 

This course will be run by Dr Kelly Bryden, an experienced neuropsychologist, trained in how the brain works and how to maximise attention and executive functioning.

Attention is the very foundation of our brain – it helps us choose what information to focus on and gives us the space to think about that information. Executive Functions are the directors of our brains, they are a series of functions that allow us to plan, organise, prioritise and solve problems when they arise. When attention and executive functions don’t work as they need to, we can experience other difficulties like memory lapses, struggle with word finding, have issues following conversations, and getting tasks completed.


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Everyone deserves to feel better