Cognitive and behavioural assessments across the lifespan

What we do

Cognitive assessment for ages 6 and above – examining IQ, learning difficulties

Diagnostic assessment of ASD (ADOS-II) & Screening for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Assessment for various learning disorders, Identification of patterns of strengths and weaknesses in learning, Tailored recommendations and intervention strategies & School Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustment reports (AARA)

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) *diagnoses need to be signed off by a Paediatrician or Psychiatrist

Initial National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) access

Lilley Place uses evidence-based psychological assessment models to gain a deeper comprehensive understanding of an individual’s cognitive and behavioural ability. Psychological assessments can vary widely depending on the presenting concern and level of complexity. Assessments help to provide insight for future support and treatment options for individuals, families and their professional support team.

Our qualified clinicians can assess individuals from ages 6 years and above.

What we don’t do:

  • Guarantee a diagnosis
  • Guarantee a diagnosis that won’t need confirmation by a specialist
  • Guarantee that initial testing won’t yield further assessment needs, or onward referral where it is best practice for input by a Paediatrician, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, or other specialist.

The Lilley Place Assessment Process


Your clinician will

  • Take the relevant history and discuss recommendations for testing
  • Outline costs in a service agreement or will send to you shortly after if research/planning/ supervision is required.

*Note this agreement is a document that will be updated during the testing process, as required.

Please bring:

  • A copy of all academic school reports and standardised assessments (ie. NAPLAN)
  • Any other relevant school reports (including Individual Education Plans- IEPs, Education Support Plans – ESPs, etc)
  • Specialist or other professional letters or reports

(This is an important part of the assessment process and collateral information from teachers or past/existing specialists provides extremely valuable information.)

Recommendation – Prior to your assessments being administered  we strongly recommend having a recent hearing and vision screen (bulk billing service providers are available in Indooroopilly Shopping Centre).

* PLEASE NOTE: If you are already a client of the service and begin an assessment process, this may require a new intake session to gather assessment-specific information if not already available and/or assessment is separate to reason for initial presentation.


Some assessments require onsite administration (including WISC, WIAT or WAIS) which will be billed hourly and some are paper versions that can be sent home with you or given to teachers.

We cannot begin writing a report until we have received all completed assessments.


Once all assessments are completed, your clinician will begin scoring and interpreting the assessments and write a tailored report. This step usually takes 3 weeks after receiving all completed assessments back. This is because correct interpretation of each assessment item is maximised when there is knowledge and understanding of all the information – all the puzzle pieces are needed on the table to be able to fit them together.

You will be contacted when the report is ready and asked to book in a feedback session, if you haven’t already, to receive your results.


Your clinicians will deliver your assessment findings and discuss the written report in detail face to face. This is where you can ask any questions or concerns you may have about how to move forward.


You will receive hard and soft copies of the report once your account is settled in full. This typically occurs at the feedback session.

Fees, Rebates & Requirements

HOURLY rate at all steps is $290 (N.B. The hourly rate at all steps – except for report writing – are subject to the standard additional $10 after-hours fee if booked 5pm onwards or on Saturdays).

*Note clients do not need a referral for an assessment.

The following categories have been created to help explain the large variation in what assessments involve, including all 5 steps explained above. They are a guide only. The estimated cost of your personalised assessment process would be confirmed with your clinician after a detailed intake session, and any amendments would be confirmed with you before proceeding.  

Cognitive and learning assessment, strengths and weakness exploration and diagnostic considerations
Onsite administration across 2 or more sessions, possible take-home assessments.
Detailed report writing
Average cost $2000 – $2300 ($290 per hour)



Participants of the NDIS can use their improved Daily Living budget to fund assessments if these are either self-managed or plan-managed.


Medicare Rebates are not available for cognitive, psychological or behavioural assessments.

Private Health Insurance

Clients may be able to claim a rebate from their private health insurer after full payment is made to Lilley Place if certain criteria are met (e.g. client’s policy covers assessment services).


Lilley Place is a registered provider with WorkCover QLD


Assessments are not quick processes due to their thorough nature and several steps. The timeline an assessment process takes to complete will depend on the number of factors such as:

  • Number of assessment sessions required, which can vary considerably depending on a range of factors (i.e. impulsivity, the number of questions able to be answered, anxiety, perfectionism, longer thinking time, slower processing speed, fatigue, language difficulties, etc)
  • Whether testing needs to be spread out across multiple shorter sessions (particularly with younger children or where there are attention and concentration concerns, etc).
  • Complexity of the case
  • Whether initial testing reveals a need for extra assessment
  • The time taken to complete and return all assessments
  • Availability of appointments
  • Client attendance at all booked appointments


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