Sport & Performance Psychology

Helping you perform optimally

Sport & Performance Psychology

Through evidenced-based psychological interventions, individuals are able to further develop the mental states needed for optimal performance, and cognitive skills that help to overcome difficult conditions. Performance psychology principles are employed to assist professionals at the top of their game to produce superior results, especially when working under high-pressure situations.

Performance psychology focuses on identifying and applying psychological principles to help you with the below areas:

  • Facilitate and enhance peak performance and participation in a specific area
  • Have your mental game (or skills) match your physical or technical skills
  • Develop a psychological skill set for high-performance settings
  • Better manage performance anxiety
  • Ultimately help you achieve optimal performance

Psychology is not just about helping to fix, or minimise problems; it can also be used to help you focus and find a confident mindset to achieve your goals and perform optimally. These sessions can be useful when you:

  • Have an important event, such as high-level exams or competitions that you need to prepare for
  • Find anxiety or lack of confidence is holding you back from achieving your potential
  • Take on a new, or challenging role in your performance/work area
  • Require a focused and confident mindset
  • Want to find more enjoyment in your high-performance area

Who Can this Benefit?

People who can benefit from engaging with a Sport & Performance Psychologist include but are not limited to:


– Preparing for a competition

– In need of performance profiling (breaking down your performance in your sport)


– Sitting high-pressured exams

– Who have a high-volume caseload

Business Executives

– With a high-pressure job

– With high-volume caseloads


– Rehearsing for a performance

– In need of mental strategies for optimal performance

Medical Professional

– Sitting high-pressured exams

– In need of mental strategies for optimal focus for long periods of time

The Optimal Performance State of Flow


What is Flow?

“The optimal states of consciousness, those peak moments of total absorption where self vanishes, time flies, and all aspects of performance go through the roof.”

Our Sport and Performance psychologist helps individuals gain optimal performance through evidence-based strategies including facilitating the optimal psychological state of “Flow”. When you are in Flow, you are in a state of total focus on the task at hand. We usually perform at our best, because we are concentrating only on our performance. When in flow, nothing distracts you or worries you – your focus is fully engrossed in the moment and in what you are doing. Finding Flow enables you to sharpen your focus and your skill and ultimately still enjoy your craft with ease.

Booking an Appointment

Dr. Sue Jackson is an experienced Consultant Psychologist who has a particular interest in Sport & Performance Psychology and working with individuals who are preparing for high-performance events, such as medical exams, sport challenges, and artistic performances. Dr. Sue has a strong and diverse background of training and is passionate about making a positive difference in her clients’ lives. 

If you are interested in seeing our Sport & Performance Psychologist please get in contact with us by clicking here or alternatively please call the clinic in the allocated business hours below.


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