Dr Sue Jackson

Consultant Psychologist

Helping individuals find meaning, enjoyment and ease in life inspires my work.

Sue is an experienced Consultant Psychologist who works Mondays and one Saturday per month in the clinic, and does Telehealth on Tuesdays. Sue is presently taking on a small number of new clients. Sue has a strong and diverse background of training and is passionate about making a positive difference in her clients’ lives.  Sue has a particular interest in Performance Psychology and working with individuals who are preparing for high-performance events, such as medical exams, sport competitions, or artistic performances. Performance psychology is also relevant for individuals who face ongoing challenges in their work or other high performance arenas. Sue understands the stress associated with high level performance, and enjoys guiding clients towards a more positive experience in their chosen endeavour.


  • Mindfulness skills and strategies
  • Psychological strategies for optimal performance (flow state)
  • Psychological preparation and skills for high-performance events
  • Navigating life’s challenges
  • Anxiety and stress management


PhD in sport and exercise psychology from the University of North Carolina-Greensboro. Sue’s PhD was on the optimal psychological state of flow, and she was the recipient of two prestigious awards in North America for Dissertation of the year. Sue went on to co-author the book, Flow in Sports: The keys to optimal experiences and performances, with the psychologist who founded flow, Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.


Sue guides clients to greater awareness of their experience, and of what is important in their lives. She then works with each individual on developing strategies to help create the desired positive changes. Psychological approaches that inform Sue’s practice include acceptance & commitment therapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy, and evidence-based mindfulness approaches. Sue complements her clinical work with an ongoing involvement in research and education in the optimal psychological state of flow (aka being in the zone). Sue translates an in-depth understanding of flow into practical strategies to help each individual move towards their best self. A critical skill that facilitates flow (and focus) is mindfulness, and Sue enjoys teaching mindfulness-meditation skills and strategies to help individuals improve their focus and awareness.

In her spare time, Sue enjoys reading, good coffee, and spending time in nature, whether that be bush walking or ocean swimming.


Everyone deserves to feel better