Tracey Gardner

General Psychologist

Clinician at the Cancer Wellbeing Centre

I believe that within each of us lies an inherent wisdom that sometimes gets lost in the business
of life. I see my role as a psychologist to collaborate with clients to rediscover their innate strengths and abilities to successfully work through life’s challenges and flourish.

Tracey is currently working Saturdays and is taking on new clients in the Cancer Wellbeing Centre. She has experience in working with adults who present with a range of psychological difficulties including anxiety, depression, and adjustment disorders.


  • Adjustment and coping with cancer
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Grief, loss, and end of life issues
  • Coping with chronic health problems


Bachelor of Psychology, Post Grad Dip Psychology


Tracey has over 17 years’ experience in psycho-oncology, providing psychological support to individuals, couples, and families impacted by cancer. She has also worked in a variety of community, hospital, and university settings, providing a broad range of psychological services. Tracey is particularly interested in alleviating cancer-related distress, working with people impacted by grief and loss, and supporting individuals and families at end of life. Drawing from cognitive-behavioural, acceptance and commitment, and mindfulness-based approaches, Tracey brings an attitude of determined optimism to her work with clients. In her spare time, Tracey enjoys bushwalking, birdwatching, and working in her garden.


Everyone deserves to feel better