Michael Greber

Clinical Psychologist

“Healing means to make whole and to accept all parts of ourselves – not just the parts you like, but all of you.” -Louise Hay

Michael is a Clinical Psychologist who works on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. He is currently taking new clients and welcomes referrals for individuals 12 years and older. Michael believes that when people are provided a space to understand themselves deeply, they have the innate wisdom and strength to create a life worth living as they choose it to be. Michael also offers grief support specifically for loved ones of those with a cancer diagnosis within the CWC.


Anxiety and Depression

Chronic difficulties with self-worth

Relationship concerns

Young adult mental health

Problematic Substance use


Master of Clinical Psychology


Michael has experience working as a clinician and supervisor in a combination of hospital, community, and private practice settings. Michael has a special interest in working with individuals in young adulthood. His approach to therapy comes predominantly from Acceptance and Commitment (ACT) and Schema (which aims to formulate the impact of early life experiences) Therapy frameworks which are tailored to the individual. He is an advocate of developing a mutual deeper understanding of a clients internal world, so that longer lasting changes can occur. Michael is also a board-approved supervisor for provisional and general Psychologists. Outside of his work Michael tries to create as much variety in his hobbies as possible ranging from beach walks, to gym, to video games, to modest DIY projects.


Everyone deserves to feel better