Kelsey Riachi

Accredited Practicing Dietitcian

“Food is not only fuel for our bodies and mind, but it can also completely change our mood, lifestyle, performance and overall create a healthier version of ourselves, mentally and physically.”


Kelsey works Mondays and Fridays and is taking new clients across the lifespan. Kelsey is an empathetic and enthusiastic Dietitian who is passionate about enhancing the quality of life of her clients through a food-first mentality. She understands the importance and value of working collaboratively with her clients and creates a warm and non-judgemental space in her dietetic practice.


• Gut Health/Gastrointestinal Conditions (IBS, IBD, Coeliac disease, diverticulitis)
• Women’s Health (PCOS, Endometriosis, Pregnancy, Fertility)
• Weight & Chronic Disease Management
• Disordered Eating
• Mental Health and Wellbeing
• De-bunking Nutrition Myths


Masters of Dietetics Studies – The University of Queensland


Kelsey works with clients across the lifespan including paediatrics, adolescence, and adults. She has undertaken practise in a variety of settings including hospital, community, food service, mental health community care units and private practice. Kelsey is passionate about helping clients build a positive relationship with food and understands that ‘one size does not fit all’. She will support your passions and goals, so you can make realistic and sustainable changes to your diet through practical and individualised recommendations. Kelsey can assist in all areas of nutrition and has special interests in gut health and women’s health. She also is an advocate for delivering public health nutrition interventions at the population and community level.

Outside of Lilley Place, Kelsey is passionate about movement and her role as a Dance Teacher and Choreographer. In her downtime, she loves finding new restaurants and cafes to dine at, cooking, spending time with her family and friends and relaxing on the beach.


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General Psychologist

Kate is a Health Psychologist and is currently not taking any new clients.
Kate is a Health Psychologist who is passionate about working at the intersection of physical and psychological health to enrich the lives of individuals and couples with illness-related challenges.

General Psychologist

Leith is a Consultant & Workplace Psychologist who works Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and is currently taking new clients. Leith is passionate about supporting people to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. She combines a diverse background in counselling, wellbeing coaching, and workplace psychology and seeks to apply all these approaches to suit client need. Leith has a preference for a positive psychology approach.

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Laura works Wednesdays and alternate Mondays and is currently taking any Cancer Wellbeing Centre & chronic health-related clients.
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Clinical Psychologist

Therese is currently not taking any new clients.
Therese is passionate about helping clients across the lifespan reach their potential and has an authentic, warm and collaborative approach.

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