Erika Newberry

Movement and Yoga Therapist, Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator (TCTSY-F)

“Don’t move the way fear makes you move. Move the way love makes you move. Move the way joy makes you move”. Osho

Erika is a certified yoga therapist and Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga facilitator. She is passionate about movement, meditation, mindfulness, and breath-based practices that can aid in building connection between body and mind, establishing safety within your body, and can provide support through the changes and challenges of life. She works from a somatic, trauma informed, and person-centred approach.  Erika has been a dedicated yoga practitioner herself for over 25 years and has been facilitating since 2011.


  • Complex Trauma

  • PTSD

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Insomnia


  • Body Positive

  • Participants of NDIS


Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching
Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy
Certified Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator


From a young age, Erika has had a strong interest in the power of yoga and somatic movement, meditation, and breath-based practices. This originated as a teenager when she travelled to India and learned about the yoga tradition, sparking a lifelong journey of study and practice.  Erika has firsthand experience of how these embodied practices can provide support throughout life’s challenges.

Erika has worked with those experiencing homelessness, incarceration, refugee communities, domestic and family violence survivors, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and other specialised trauma-sensitive yoga programs in hospital settings. Now based in Meanjin (Brisbane), Erika continues to offer these services while studying for her Bachelor of Social Work.


Everyone deserves to feel better