Therapy: Space of Strength

There has always been stigma shrouding the idea of seeking therapy. Thankfully, the past decade has brought a new wave of appreciation and recognition of mental health which has helped…

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So what is mindfulness? These days it seems as if everyone is talking about Mindfulness but what exactly does it mean?  Perhaps the easiest way to describe what mindfulness is…

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Mindfulness After Cancer

So what is mindfulness? It seems as if everyone thinks that Mindfulness is a useful tool to cope with cancer but what exactly does it mean? Perhaps the easiest way…

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Mental Health Care Plans

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Getting a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP means getting a substantial Medicare rebate for up to 10 psychology sessions every calendar year. For more information on how this…

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Adjusting to the shock of a cancer diagnosis

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Shock and Numbness Most people are completely unprepared when told they have cancer. Despite the fact that you may have attended for cancer screening or repeated investigations for niggling symptoms…

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