Laura Jordan

Clinical Psychologist

I feel privileged to be able to work with the clients I meet and I am humbled by the stories and past experiences they share with me


Laura adopts a holistic perspective with each client. She understands the importance and value of developing a strong therapeutic foundation that can help build resilience, bring about understanding and acceptance, and creates a safe space for clients to explore their psychological concerns.


The psychological impact of physical health issues and disability
Pain management
Adjustment concerns
Children and adolescents with psychological difficulties
Life transitions


Master of Clinical Psychology and Master of Counselling


Laura has qualifications in psychology and counselling and uses a range of theoretical frameworks and evidence-based interventions to determine the best ways to support her clients. She has worked with children and adults with life-limiting conditions at not-for-profit organisations, as well as in several major public hospitals with patients presenting with a variety of psychological concerns as a result of their physical health issues. She has a friendly, down-to-earth nature and outside of work enjoys travelling and keeping active.


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Meet the rest of the team

Consultant Psychologist

Sarah has worked in a number of different countries and enjoys working collaboratively with clients from a range of backgrounds and cultures.

Clinical Services Manager

Pauline currently works as a part of the management team at Lilley Place and is not taking clients. Pauline works with our team of exceptional psychologists to ensure that we deliver client care that reflects our core values.

Clinical Psychologist

Gillian is a compassionate and sensitive therapist who has witnessed the benefit that therapy can have when you engage in the process of personal exploration and professional support. Gillian is curious about personal resilience, the process of psychological growth and the behavioural patterns that we can’t resist.
Psychological concerns are human concerns and we all deserve to feel well and that requires someone to hear our concerns, someone to listen.

Consultant Psychologist

Zach’s mission is to provide a warm, safe, and empathic space for his clients to consider and explore positive and values-driven change.

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“Everyone deserves to feel better”


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