Jaclyn Jones

Movement Therapist

Health and Wellbeing Coordinator

“Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind. Body. Spirit.”

Jaclyn is a dance and movement therapist, who works Tuesdays and is currently taking new clients aged 14 years and above. Her approach to movement therapy is based on somatic, mindfulness and dance therapy techniques. Jaclyn is passionate about creating a safe and nurturing environment to help her clients reconnect with their body and increase a deeper sense of self through movement and motion.


Anxiety & Depression



Health-related presentations

Participants of NDIS



Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance Performance)

Introduction to Somatic and Dance Movement Therapy


Growing up as a dancer Jaclyn has always had a passion for movement and a drive to help people feel empowered in their own bodies. Jaclyn graduated from QUT with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance and then went on to become a certified RAD ballet teacher, Stott Pilates Mat & Reformer instructor, Meditation teacher and more recently studied Somatic and Dance Movement therapy. In the last 8 years, Jaclyn has worked globally in the fitness and wellbeing industry across various private and community settings. Her movement therapy sessions are designed to help individuals reintegrate the mind and body connection so that they can reconnect or connect in with their deeper selves and their body. Clients will be guided to delve internally, to re-awaken sensations within the body, and create an “internal barometer” for how their body feels. Jaclyn will also help clients to learn how to regulate their bodily tensions and unlock unconscious thought and movement patterns. By collaborating with the Psychologists here at Lilley Place Jaclyn makes sure each client is getting the support and care they need to feel better. She truly believes that movement is medicine and she is excited to bring this service to life.

Jaclyn’s incredible passion for wellness, sees her offering support and connection to the Lilley Place team in her role as Health and Wellbeing Coordinator. Outside of the clinic, Jaclyn loves staying active in the sunshine and spending time with her nieces and nephews.


Everyone deserves to feel better