Dr Greg Rowsell

Exercise Physiologist

“The obstacle is the way. The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” – Marcus Aurelius.


Greg works Tuesdays and Fridays and is taking new clients.
First and foremost, Greg is a coach, who views life as exciting and at times a challenging journey with obstacles to overcome. Fundamentally he wants to make a difference in peoples’ lives and help them live life better. When we move better, we feel better and when we feel better, we do better.


Building resilience
Developing reflexive strength and stability
Promoting emotional, mental and physical health and wellbeing
Enhancing mood states through exercise
Making a difference


PhD in Exercise Physiology, Master of Human Movement Science


Greg understands the theory and science of training, but his expertise lies in applying it to create real meaningful change in peoples’ lives. Greg has not only completed his PhD and Masters, but has also completed a Bachelor of Science Sports Science (Hons) and a Graduate Diploma in Physical Education. He uses a good-better-best approach and focuses on change and progress over time. Greg Believes there is no one size fits all movement prescription but there are key principles that can be used to craft individualised programs that help make life better. His PhD in exercise physiology puts him in good stead to balance practice and theory for maximum improvement. Greg has worked as an educator in the school and university system, an elite coach with Queensland Swimming specialising in age group, Olympic and Paralympic swimmers and as the Senior Sports Scientist at the South Australian Sports Institute. Greg works with gentle, positive and persistent encouragement so that his clients strive for personal improvement in an environment where they are supported and respected.
Greg’s two sons inspire him to be a better man. He is a rugby tragic, gaining great enjoyment from coaching and watching the game. In his spare time, Greg enjoys getting outdoors, learning new things and swimming in the ocean.


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Meet the rest of the team

General Psychologist

Zach is a Clinical & Counselling Psychology Registrar and works Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and is currently taking a small number of new clients. Zach’s mission is to provide a warm, safe, and empathic space for his clients to consider and explore positive and values-driven change.

General Psychologist

Lina is a Clinical Psychology Registrar who currently not taking any new clients.
Lina enjoys working with clients of all ages and has an authentic and warm approach. Lina’s work is based on evidence-based practices but tailored to suit each client.

General Psychologist

Tali is a Clinical Psychology Registrar who works Wednesdays, Thursdays and alternating Fridays and Saturdays. Tali is currently not taking new clients for therapy but is still accepting new clients for assessments.
Tali provides a warm, accepting, and safe, space, meeting you wherever you are at in your journey towards a more meaningful life.

Provisional Psychologist

Edwina works Thursday evenings and Saturdays and is not currently taking any new clients.
Edwina is a provisional psychologist who is currently completing the 4+2 pathway to registration. Edwina draws primarily from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (TfCBT). Edwina is also a part of our Assessment Services and administers various assessments.

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