Exercise Benefits for Cancer Patients

By Dr Greg was Rowsell - In my experience prescribing and running specific interventions with cancer patients, exercise has a strong and positive impact across many areas. These include reductions in cancer-related fatigue, enhanced psychological wellbeing and quality of life improvements. And that’s just the start.

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Exercise; Treatment for Depression!

By Dr Greg Rowsell- I am frequently asked if exercise is a beneficial treatment modality for people with depression. And my somewhat cheeky answer is, only if you want to feel better!

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Mental Health Care Plans

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Getting a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP means getting a substantial Medicare rebate for up to 10 psychology sessions every calendar year. For more information on how this…

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Adjusting to the shock of a cancer diagnosis

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Shock and Numbness Most people are completely unprepared when told they have cancer. Despite the fact that you may have attended for cancer screening or repeated investigations for niggling symptoms…

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