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Completing the Outcome Measures

Please note you are welcome to complete Outcome Measures Online before your session.

When should I complete the Measure?

Before every session, as close to the session as is practical (e.g. completing the measure the night before your appointment would be fine).

How do I complete the Outcome Measure?


Visit the OQ Analyst Kiosk Login page


Important: Date of Birth should be entered in the Australian format not the USA format. Enter as (DD/MM/YYYY) – not the way listed on the log in page.


Which measure (Instrument) should I select?

Adults please select: OQ®-45.2
Children and Young People (aged between 12-17 years) select : YOQ®–2.0-SR
Parents/Carers of a Child or Young Person (aged 4-17 years) select : YOQ®–2.0
Setting of Care should be set to: “Outpatient”
Clinic should be set to: “Lilley Place”

Once you have completed all the questions on the measure and pressed the submit button, all information will be sent to Lilley Place Clinical Psychology, and your therapist will have access to this for your upcoming session.