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All of our psychologists are registered members of the Australian Psychological Society (MAPS)

Dr Peta Lilley

Clinical Psychologist & Clinic Director
+ Director, Cancer Wellbeing Centre

Peta completed the Clinical Psychology PhD Program within the School of Psychology, The University of Queensland (UQ). The focus of her research was the development of emotional and behavioural difficulties, particularly Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD) in children and adolescents following trauma. Peta has also completed a post-doctoral research fellow position in the School of Medicine at UQ. Peta has worked in Government and non-government agencies, hospitals and private practice. Therapy has been conducted with children, adolescents, adults and families. While Peta’s primary theoretical framework is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), she utilises Schema-Focused therapy, Interpersonal Therapy (IPT), Mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) where appropriate.

Peta has full registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). Peta is also a full member of the Australian Psychological Society (MAPS), and the APS College of Clinical Psychologists is recognised by Medicare as a provider of clinical psychology services. She is also a member of the Australian Association for Cognitive and Behaviour Therapy (AACBT) and is an accredited Triple P provider.

Prior to commencing PhD studies, Peta completed her Honours degree at the University of Queensland. Honours Class I in the field of Psychology was obtained. Peta also gained a Dean’s commendation for academic achievement. A Bachelor of Arts degree, with a double major in psychology, was also awarded from the University of Queensland. Peta has ongoing involvement in research and evidence-based practice. Peta also provides supervision for psychologists undergoing post-graduate training in Clinical Psychology at the School of Psychology (UQ). Peta has successfully completed the Supervisor Training and Accreditation Program (STAP).

Peta continues to find deep fulfilment in her ongoing work with individual clients. However, she now feels as though her efforts and knowledge can be more wisely utilised in the supervision and guidance of her hand-picked team of clinical professionals. Peta’s investment upholds the Lilley Place ethos that sharing our knowledge and expertise with others will achieve more for our community and clients than any one practitioner could achieve independently. This has led to Peta decreasing her personal consulting load in the clinic, to dedicate more time to the support and training of her colleagues, and getting out in the wider community to deliver information sessions, workshops and presentations.

Peta enjoys the arts, particularly dancing, running, reading, and spending time with family and friends. She is kept active by 3 young children and loves playing with them in the park.

Pauline Ryan

Clinical Psychologist & Clinical Services Manager

Pauline is a clinical psychologist who completed her Master of Clinical Psychology at the University of Queensland. She is currently employed as a Clinical Consultant at Lilley Place Clinical Psychology. Her roles include providing clinical supervision, professional development and training to Lilley Place psychologists, and working on clinical service delivery to ensure that Lilley Place offers a first class service to clients, referrers and other professionals. In collaboration with the Clinic Director, she strives to ensure that Lilley Place is a fabulous environment for clients, professionals and the dedicated staff who work here.

Pauline has full registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). She is also a full member of the Australian Psychological Society (MAPS), and the APS College of Clinical Psychologists and is recognised by Medicare as a provider of clinical psychology services. She is an accredited Level 5 Triple P provider. Pauline has practiced as a clinical psychologist since 2000. She has worked at the Mater Children’s Hospital Department of Paediatric Diabetes and Endocrinology, community Child and Youth Mental Health, the Mater Hospital Day Program, and as a private practitioner both for Lilley Place and herself. She has a special interest in working with individuals and their support network to unravel the obstacles presented by the Autism Spectrum Disorders and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Pauline has offered clinical supervision since 2004 and has Psychology Board of Australia Supervisor Training and Accreditation Program (STAP) approval. Pauline views her role as a psychologist (whether that is direct client work, supervision or clinical consultancy) as a great privilege. She feels that it is immensely rewarding to support and help people faced by life’s challenges.

Pauline works part time and balances her role as a psychologist with her role as a wife and mother to three unique growing boys. She is passionate about holistic health from the inside out. Pauline aims for a healthy mind through the application of my clinical skills to her own life and a healthy body through nutrition, good sleep and exercise. Pauline looks forward to meeting you at Lilley Place.

Dr Alex Short

Clinical Psychologist

Alex completed his Doctor of Clinical Psychology (DClinPsych) at the University of Queensland. He has experience working in the public system, for non government organisations, universities, and in private practice. This has included work with children, adolescents, adults, and older adults with a variety of concerns including depression, anxiety disorders, alcohol and substance use problems, grief and loss, adjustment difficulties, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, eating issues, personality disorders, autism spectrum disorders, learning disorders, and child behaviour problems. Alex has a specific interest in the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and complex trauma.

Alex is trained in a variety of treatment approaches and tailors these to clients’ specific needs and preferences. These treatment approaches include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Schema Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Alex is an accredited provider of the Triple P Positive Parenting Program, The Secret Agent Society Social Skills Program, and has received specialist training in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (TfCBT), Emotion Focused Couples Therapy (IFCT), and Motivational Interviewing (MI).

Prior to completing his Doctorate, Alex graduated from a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology with first class honours, and also completed a Bachelor of Business Management. He was awarded Dean’s Commendations for High Achievement in every semester of his studies and is on the Dean’s Honour Roll. Alex has full registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

In his spare time Alex most enjoys spending time with his family and friends, and his passions include travel, sport, and the outdoors.

Ellie Armstrong

+ Practitioner, Cancer Wellbeing Centre

Ellie is a registered psychologist with several years experience working within the broader healthcare industry. She attained her Master of Clinical Psychology at Griffith University and is a full member of the Australian Psychological Society. She is currently in the process of obtaining Clinical Endorsement with the Psychology Board of Australia.

Ellie has a diverse range of clinical interests and experiences, having trained across public, private, mental health and health sectors, in both group and individual settings. Ellie values and enjoys working with clients across the lifespan, particularly children and older adults. She works with a wide range of diagnoses and difficulties, including anxiety, depression, developmental disorders, personality disorders, emotional dysregulation, and grief and adjustment to significant life changes.

Ellie has training and experience in providing evidence-based interventions using a variety of therapeutic approaches, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Schema Therapy, and Expressive Therapy, in addition to Triple P and Circle of Security parenting programs. Ellie places great emphasis on providing an empathic and collaborative therapeutic approach, which allows her to consider the unique needs of each individual or family that she helps. Ellie particularly enjoys taking a creative approach to therapy and loves to incorporate sensory and creative activities.

In her spare time Ellie loves reading, cooking and playing outside with her chocolate Labrador Teddy.

El Raj

Clinical Psychologist

El is committed to deliver the best quality evidence-based assessment and treatment. El has over a decade of experience in the field of Psychology. She attends to quality conferences every year within Australia as well as overseas and has even been trained by the world-renowned Dr Michael D. Yapko in Clinical Hypnosis. She uses a variety of approaches that she believes will be most effective based on both the issue she is working with and the experience she has in understanding what will best suit the person she is assisting.

El uses Clinical Hypnosis, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Psycho-education, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness Training and Values identification, Structured Problem Solving, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focussed Therapy, Positive Psychology, Goal Setting, Emotion Focused Therapy and Schema Focused Therapy in a unique way to make sure your issues are properly resolved. El believes that much of our deeper present day struggles are linked to past experiences and perhaps the unresolved or non-addressed understandings or emotions associated with them. El also believes that often the issues presented in counselling are rather the symptoms of the underlining issue and hence it is often ‘deeper’ therapy as opposed to ‘band aid’ therapy that provides positive and sustainable change.

El’s areas of interest include the treatment of Depression, Anxiety, Panic, stress and adjustment difficulties, Mood and motivation issues, pain management, Sleep difficulties, Emotional Management, Self Esteem and Self Confidence issues, Grief and Loss, PTSD, Weight Control, Smoking Cessation, Relationship issues/Couples therapy. El works with clients of all ages and feels that the ideal recipe for effective therapy is self-honesty, commitment and an authentic relationship between the therapist and client. El’s approach towards her clients would best be described as direct, challenging but also authentic and nurturing.

Kate MacMorran

Health Psychologist
+ Practitioner, Cancer Wellbeing Centre

Kate is a Health Psychologist who is passionate about working at the intersection of physical and psychological health to enrich the lives of individuals and couples with illness related challenges. Kate has extensive experience working with people whose lives are impacted by their health in both hospital and community settings. She is dedicated to delivering collaborative, evidence-based care, working with her clients to both reduce distress and achieve their health and other life goals.  Kate is trained in a number of treatment modalities including, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness- based Therapies and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.  She is also very experienced at leading Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy groups.

As well as other health conditions Kate has a wealth of experience working with people with all types of cancer, at all stages of diagnosis.  She appreciates that a diagnosis with a serious illness will affect everyone differently and provides responsive, individualized therapy. Kate is committed to staying abreast of the latest psychology research and has been involved in a number of service-delivery initiatives aimed at improving patient well-being and the patient experience. She also enjoys staying current in the highly specialised field of health psychology.

In her spare time Kate enjoys adventure with her friends and family.

Kimberley Cunial

Educational and Developmental Psychologist

Kimberley is an Educational and Developmental Psychologist who is passionate about working with children, adolescents, families, couples and adults, with a variety of presentations across the lifespan. Kimberley holds a Masters degree as well as AHPRA specialist endorsement in the field of Educational and Developmental Psychology. Currently, Kimberley is in the final stages of completing her PhD in Clinical Psychology at Griffith University.

Kimberley has over eleven years of experience as a psychologist, across university, school, community, hospital, and private practice settings. She is currently co-authoring a textbook on Developmental Lifespan Psychology, and has provided expert advice in the media regarding a number of topics relevant to children, adolescents and their families. Kimberley also has seven years of experience as a school teacher and is a proud mother of three children, which has provided her with a unique insight into working with schools and families from a practical and supportive perspective.Employing an empathetic, sensitive, collaborative, and evidence-based approach, Kimberley draws on focused psychological strategies from a range of therapy models to meet the individual needs of her clients.

Kimberley is a member of ICEEFT, having completed training in Emotion Focused Therapy for couples and families. In addition, she is an accredited provider of pregnancy support counselling services under Medicare, and an accredited provider of early intervention services for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder under Helping Children with Autism program. Kimberley is also an accredited provider of the Triple P and Circle of Security parenting programs, and has experience delivering these to a diverse range of audiences (including foster carers and educators). Kimberley’s PhD research focuses on ADHD, and she has published in this area. She is experienced at conducting a wide range of psycho-educational assessments, including cognitive assessments, and writing psychological reports.

Kimberley is a Board approved Supervisor for the 4 + 2 and 5 + 1 pathways as well as endorsement in the field of Educational and Developmental Psychology. She offers supervision to QUT students in the Master of Educational and Developmental Psychology.

Lee Cubis

+ Practitioner, Cancer Wellbeing Centre

Lee is a registered Psychologist with experience in a variety of settings including hospitals, schools, community mental health and disability support services. This has included work with children, adolescents, adults and older adults with various concerns. Lee works across the lifespan and has specific interests in anxiety management, overcoming perfectionism and adjustment to illness or disability. He is also passionate about cognitive assessments and the changes they can instigate in a person’s life.

Lee completed his clinical training at Griffith University and is currently working towards a PhD in Clinical Psychology. He uses a variety of approaches including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Schema Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Lee has facilitated groups on Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, anxiety management for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), emotion regulation for young children and adjustment to Spinal Cord Injury. He believes strongly in a collaborative, evidence-based, feedback informed approach to therapy.

Prior to commencing his training in Clinical Psychology, Lee graduated from a Bachelor of Psychological Science with first class honours at the University of Queensland. He also worked in the healthcare field supporting young adults with neurological illnesses, people with ASD and/or developmental disability and older adults with dementia.

In his spare time, Lee enjoys cycling around Brisbane’s bike paths, road tripping and heading to the beach as often as possible.

Megan Fleming

Clinical Psychologist

Megan is an experienced clinical psychologist with a background in mental health and hospital services. Megan focusses on developing positive working relationships with clients, building on client strengths and helping to bring about the changes clients are looking to achieve. Megan sees clients with a range of presenting problems including anxiety and mood disorders, psychotic illness, emotional dysregulation problems, relationship difficulties and couples therapy.

Megan holds full membership with the Psychology Board of Australia and has a clinical psychology endorsement. She is a member of the Australian Psychological Society Clinical College. Megan completed the Master of Clinical Psychology program at the University of Queensland. During her postgraduate study Megan’s training focussed on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and her research focussed on acceptance (as per Acceptance and Commitment Therapy; ACT) of a chronic health condition.

Megan has two small children and loves spending time with them baking, walking and going on family outings.

Samantha Clutton

Clinical Psychologist
+ Client Services Manager, Cancer Wellbeing Centre

Samantha is a Clinical Psychologist who has extensive experience working in hospital, university and community health settings in Brisbane. Samantha has a particular interest and expertise working with individual and couples adjusting to illness and other major life challenges as well as the loss of a loved one. Samantha draws primarily on Cognitive-Behavioural and Mindfulness approaches and regularly undertakes professional development and supervision to ensure she stays abreast of developments in these evidence based approaches to therapy. As well as working with individuals and couples she is trained in the delivery of group based Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and feels privileged to have been instrumental in the delivery of dozens of face-to-face and telephone groups across Queensland in the past several years.

Samantha holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Queensland, is a full member of the Australian Psychological Society and has a Clinical Endorsement with the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA). She is also a Board endorsed supervisor and regularly supervises post-graduate Masters and Doctoral students completing their training in Clinical Psychology across major universities. Samantha has presented at international conferences and has co-authored multiple publications in the area of adjusting to cancer.

Samantha draws inspiration from her clients and colleagues and – when not working Samantha adores spending time with her family and close friends. She loves travel and good books as well as undertaking activities to keep fit and healthy.

Sonia Nazareth


Sonia is a registered psychologist who has practiced across a variety of settings including hospitals, community mental health services, and non-government organizations. This includes work with children, adolescents, and adults with a broad range of concerns. Sonia has a specific interest in working with adolescents, as she is passionate about assisting young people in this important transitional period of their lives. Sonia attained her Master of Clinical Psychology at Griffith University and is a full member of the Australian Psychological Society. She is in the process of obtaining Clinical Endorsement with the Psychology Board of Australia.

Sonia uses a variety of approaches including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Schema Therapy. Sonia recently completed additional training in Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) which is an evidence-based therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder and other conditions like self-harm, suicidal behaviour, complex PTSD, and difficulties with relationships and emotion regulation. Sonia brings great enthusiasm and love for what she does, along with providing respectful and non-judgmental support to her clients. Sonia has a particular research interest in the adjustment and coping of offspring of parents with mental health difficulties.

In her spare time she enjoys travel and watching movies and is particularly passionate about food.

Therese Price


Therese is a registered psychologist passionate about helping individuals across the lifespan reach their potential and has an authentic, warm and collaborative approach. Therese has gained experience through a variety of settings, including private practice, mental health and maternity hospitals, paediatric outpatient services, as well as research and university sectors. Such experience has enabled her to work with children, adolescents and adults presenting with a range of difficulties, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), stress, sleep disturbance, alcohol use disorders, grief and loss, borderline personality disorder, trauma and gender dysphoria.  Therese’s main interest areas include depression in adolescents and adults, childhood anxiety, behavioural and sleep difficulties and perinatal mental health. Therese is registered as a Non-Directive Pregnancy Support Counselling Medicare Provider.

Therese tailors therapy to the client’s individual needs and draws from different evidence based therapeutic approaches, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy skills (DBT). Therese utilises a combination of behavioural and attachment based parenting approaches when working with parents.

Therese attained a Masters of Clinical Psychology from Griffith University and is a full member of the Australian Psychological Society. She is in the process of obtaining Clinical Endorsement with the Psychology Board of Australia. Therese’s research projects have investigated sleep-related behavioural difficulties in anxious children and mechanisms behind alcohol misuse in adolescents and adults.

In her spare time, Therese likes being active and spending time with family, friends and her pet dog.

Zach Raftery


Zach is a registered psychologist who has worked with clients across a range of clinical settings. He has completed a Masters of Psychology (Counselling Psychology) at the University of Queensland, and is currently completing his PhD in Clinical Psychology at Griffith University. Currently, Zach’s research focuses on the impact and utility of social media and online social networking services for physical and psychological health, and how these services can best be used to enhance health outcomes.

Having been a fully registered psychologist since 2013, and since commencing clinical work, Zach has gained experience conducting both individual and group-based sessions in forensic, educational, private practice and not-for-profit settings. Zach utilises a range of evidence-based approaches in his therapeutic work, guided by the client-centred principles of acceptance, safety, unconditional positive regard, and empathy. In his clinical work, Zach draws primarily from the Cognitive-Behavioural (CBT), Interpersonal (IPT), Acceptance and Commitment (ACT) and Neuropsychotherapy modalities. Zach has a special interest in working with clients in the areas of loss and grief, self-esteem, trauma, and anxiety.

Alongside his clinical work and research, Zach is also a member of the teaching staff at the Brisbane Academy of Musical Theatre, where he runs workshops for young theatre performers on topics including body image, self-esteem, goal setting, performance anxiety, stress and coping, and the importance of self-care. In addition, Zach teaches psychology and counselling skills to trainee counsellors and psychologists at the postgraduate level at the University of Queensland in the Master of Psychology and Master of Counselling programs. He is also a Member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

Outside of work, Zach enjoys eating dumplings, being near large bodies of water, playing video games, and immersing himself in nature – usually not all at the same time.