Recent presentations from the Lilley Place team

Although it’s a very busy time of year, the psychologists here at Lilley Place love making time to interact with our greater community, and present on a variety of topics.

Earlier this month, director Dr Peta Lilley presented to the parents and community of KSHS on Transitioning to High School. This information session covered various themes, such as the growth and development of young people, parental/adolescent adjustment and tools for parental involvement in important periods of change. For a summary of Dr Lilley’s talk, please click here.

On November 17th, our psychologist Lee Cubis presented to a full-capacity group in our clinic about Parenting Teenagers with Anxiety. We’ve received some great feedback from parents on how useful they found the session, which provided evidence-based research on anxiety disorders, and discussed tools and strategies parents could put in place to best support their young anxious person.



We thank everyone who attended for their wonderful feedback. For further information, or to learn more about how Lilley Place psychologist services, please do not hesitate to call the clinic on (07) 3378 9130.


About the Author: Peta Lilley

Peta completed the Clinical Psychology PhD Program within the School of Psychology, The University of Queensland (UQ). The focus of her research was the development of emotional and behavioural difficulties (particularly Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD) in children and adolescents following trauma. Peta has also completed a post-doctoral research fellow position in the School of Medicine at UQ.

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