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Self Compassion

Introduction As friends, partners, and parents we tend to be empathetic, supportive, and encouraging towards loved ones, especially in times of need. However, we tend to neglect ourselves of that same consideration. On the contrary, we often speak to ourselves worse than we would speak to someone we didn’t like. What is self-compassion? Increased attention […]

Exam Stress

What is exam stress? Sitting an exam can be a stressful experience. Although, (a little bit of) stress does us good and motivates us to do the work we need to do to complete various tasks. How else would we motivate ourselves to learn how to spell 100 sight words, learn to understand complex maths […]

Lilley Place Clinical Psychology presents: “Mindfulness for Stress”

The “Mindfulness for Stress” group involves discovering how mindfulness meditation can help manage our stress…given that it is a natural part of life and often unavoidable. This group will involve learning, practicing, and discussing mindfulness meditation and determining how we can best use it during stressful times at work, with family, and in relationships. 6 […]

The Value of Being in The Moment

Evidence suggests that learning to pay attention may be the most important skill we ever learn. Put simply, “Mindfulness is a mental discipline that involves training attention. It teaches us how to use the mind in a different way and to focus on the things that are most useful and helpful in our lives thus helping us to live more consciously and […]

Psychology and Your Health

Health and illness are influenced by a wide variety of factors. While contagious and hereditary illnesses are common, there are many behavioural and psychological factors that can impact overall physical well-being and various medical conditions and a person’s ability to cope. Prior to being diagnosed with a medical condition or experiencing an injury, most people […]