Introducing Psycho-Oncology Counselling

Lilley Place is excited to announce we have recently added a psycho-oncology specialisation to our range of services with the commencement of Samantha Clutton – a Clinical Psychologist with expertise in the treatment of cancer.

Psycho-oncology is a targeted psychological intervention focusing on the impact of cancer which ranges from understandable worry in patients and their loved ones through to depression, traumatic stress and persistent anxiety. Untreated distress impacts not only upon quality of life but on people’s ability to tolerate cancer treatment as well as their recovery in the years that follow. Couples with cancer are more likely to experience relationship dysfunction. There is evidence that patients with cancer and their families benefit from targeted psychological interventions.

Samantha has more than 10 years of experience providing specialist psycho-oncology services including delivering interventions as well as teaching and providing supervision to psychologists working in the field.

About the Author: Peta Lilley

Peta completed the Clinical Psychology PhD Program within the School of Psychology, The University of Queensland (UQ). The focus of her research was the development of emotional and behavioural difficulties (particularly Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD) in children and adolescents following trauma. Peta has also completed a post-doctoral research fellow position in the School of Medicine at UQ.

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  1. CJ O'Connor

    That is fantastic. As a Transpersonal Art Therapy student (soon to qualify) and a Radiation Therapist with 15+ years experience, I would love the opportunity to work with Samantha.

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