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Boutique Clinical Psychology
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For me, my work allows me to make a difference. The vision and action may not change the world. But perhaps changing one thing, for one person, may allow that person to change the world. Through our clinic and research we have made a meaningful difference to the lives of many and that, in turn, creates a positive ripple effect.

Dr Peta Lilley, Founder

How Can Lilley Place Help Me?

  • How can therapy help me?
    • Seeking help does not mean there is something wrong with you
    • Everyone can benefit from talking to someone who has a neutral viewpoint and who is not closely related to you or the situation
    • This type of professional relationship can be healthy and beneficial for your growth and future
  • Would talking to a psychologist be good for me?
    • There are many reasons for talking to a psychologist
    • Are you troubled by feelings, behaviours, thoughts or concerns that prevent you from functioning to your full capacity or from feeling happy and fulfilled in your life?
    • Do you have concerns about:
      • Relationships
      • Life Changes
      • Criticism
      • Worry
      • Energy
      • Coping
      • Sleep
      • Concentration
      • Mood
      • Food
      • Self-Control
      • Enjoyment
      • Anger
      • Confidence
      • Emotions
  • Do I need a referral to see a psychologist? How many sessions can I have?
    • No
    • However, if you are eligible to claim a Medicare rebate, you will need a written referral from a psychiatrist, paediatrician or GP
    • Your GP also needs to complete a Mental Health Care Plan
    • There is no limit to the number of sessions you can have
    • However, Medicare provides a rebate for a maximum of 10 individual sessions in a year
    • If you require more than 10 sessions you can check if your private health insurer offers a rebate on psychology sessions
    • 10 group sessions with the 10 individual sessions
  • What can I expect at my first appointment?
    • To be treated with respect and compassion
    • Therapists will work through any questions you have and discuss confidentiality
    • Together with your psychologist you will work towards a shared understanding of what is happening and why
    • Therapists will work with you to set goals for therapy

About Us

As a psychology practice we have the responsibility and training to provide respect, support and relief for those in need. Lilley Place aims to facilitate individuals functioning as best they can – getting the maximum possible from life. We believe every individual has the right to receive high quality and confidential services.

We have a responsibility to strive for self-improvement as psychologists, and to enhance the services offered by Lilley Place. We are committed to ongoing training and professional development through attendance at seminars, workshops and conferences. Participation in, and provision of, supervision assists the development of Lilley Place as a clinical psychology practice.

Services are available on Monday to Friday during regular business hours. To accommodate busy individuals and families, Lilley Place has appointments after hours on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings and on Saturdays.

Lilley Place is conveniently located in suite 6, level 4 in the office tower at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre.